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I'll try to add a few technical indications in English, when needed, and group them here, using a publication date in July 2021


Don't hesitate to send me your questions here

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Publié le 5 Juillet 2021

Hello Marjolijn
I' m happy to read from you again :)
1) to rebuild a square page, the easiest way is :
  • open a new square page (30 x 30)
  • clic on + (on the left side of your screen), + insert a composition or an album (or something like that)

this is the image you sent  ( I added the red circle around the "plus")



sorry, I missed one step (or more)

apparently, you already included my templates in one folder (thanks again for the interest shown)

so, now :

  • save the new "scalb" file in the folder (with other "scalb files")
  • create a new page, format 30 x 30
  • clic on the "plus" icon



then,  click on something wich means "insert a new composition"

 in french, we have 3 choices : 

  • ajouter une page (add a page)
  • inserer une composition ou un album (insert a composition or an album)
  • dupliquer la page (duplicate the page)


choose the second option and clic

the software will propose you to add a recent creation (composition), according to your personnal files

change the "search range " to reach  the correct folder


choose the template you want, and "valid" the choice - it will come on the second page of your new composition, in a 30 x 30 format



you can now clic on one frame, then "ctrl + a" to select all of them



choosing the right place, you can change the size of all the frames on the page


I hope this will help you ! Enjoy it :)

2) for the paper, its-from Pixabay, but it seems I made a mistake when "naming" it, I believed it was originally from Crhisfielder (modified in white) but I cant find it anymore, you will find interesting paper  here :

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Publié le 4 Juillet 2021

Hi Marjolijn

Yes, it's rather easy to duplicate a collage, with a left -right  reflection (or up/down)

First, you add a few shapes on one side of your page



select all of them, and clic on the "goup" icon (the green one)




they become one single shape

duplicate it  (copy the object  / paste)






use this icon to shift the second group of shapes 





align both shapes (on the bottom line for instance)



then ungroup all shapes to add your pictures in the frames


you may have to rotate an image inside the shape :  sometimes it's not necessary, but generarly it is


here for instance, you see clearly the wrong orientation : 



You may have to use these two icons :

  • to indicate you want to act on the image (and not the shape)
  • then to change the orientation

I hope you will enjoy playing with the shapes !! 

Do you know about DCS site ? You will find great free templates, even for Studio Scrap software

you will find my repertory here 

They have two sites :

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Publié le 3 Juillet 2021

hello Marjolijn,


This is a first try to answer your question 




pictures from Pixabay








I hope I did understand well what you want to do ?

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Publié le 2 Juillet 2021


Sorry the installation failed.   It happens sometimes and the next day - or a few hours later - everything is OK;

Maybe you can try again in a few hours ?

My best advice : register on the "CDIP Forum"  : this will give you an access to the  Demande d'assistance logiciel - request for technical assistance.

I am writing your question there, so the answer may come quicker.  .. Be patient during sunday !

As soon as you are registered, you can discuss on this forum. I wrote your question in french, asking for an answer in english (or in french.. I will translate)..  The question is  Installation du logiciel version essai




Sorry for contacting you again. I download the (free)exe file and installed the program. But i got the message Unable to execute file C etc etc. Create proces failed Code 2. System can't find the file. Something I can do?



Thank you Marjolijn... When you download the Studio Scrap software, you can choose the English version, which will be more confortable for you I guess

You can also watch the videos -  : they are in french, but they will give you an idea about how it works.  Choose the "presentation du logiciel" to understand how it works..

You will also find some information to begin, here. I think you may choose to read my text directly in your mother language - or at least in English.. If necessary,  I will try to help you solve the difficulties...



Your templates are very beautiful and I already downloaded two files. But I have really no idea how to a file with format SCALB. Can you help me with that. Or a method to use the templates. I am familiar to use templates with format PSD (Photoshop)

Thank you Marjolijn, your message is really encouraging !

The easiest way to use my templates is  to buy the software STUDIO SCRAP. (*)  (around 30 € or 45 € for a more advanced version - you buy it once and keep it for years (untill a more recent version tempts you).

 With it, you will have access to their own templates ; you wil also use easily all the templates given on my blog.

There is also a freeware "Scribus", using SCALB format, but I don't know how it works. Information is available here or here -it seems  I had a wrong information, and I have no idea if Scribus accepts SCALB format or not.

... I hope you will not mind me asking which country you are from ?



*) Software for Windows, runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista and on Mac with software like Parallels Desktop


Yes Marjolijn, I would be happy receive your messages, I can read English (and write to, even if I have forgotten most of my knowledge)

However, I do not answer on personnal mail adresses - just as a protection against spams..  You will be welcome here, to discuss about digiscrapbooking, Brittany, or other topics...

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Publié le 1 Juillet 2021

I stole Marjolijn screen shot of her Studio Scrap :)



to add "papers" on your page ("textures" in CDIP user's manual"), click on "Backgrounds"

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