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Hi Marjolijn

Yes, it's rather easy to duplicate a collage, with a left -right  reflection (or up/down)

First, you add a few shapes on one side of your page



select all of them, and clic on the "goup" icon (the green one)




they become one single shape

duplicate it  (copy the object  / paste)






use this icon to shift the second group of shapes 





align both shapes (on the bottom line for instance)



then ungroup all shapes to add your pictures in the frames


you may have to rotate an image inside the shape :  sometimes it's not necessary, but generarly it is


here for instance, you see clearly the wrong orientation : 



You may have to use these two icons :

  • to indicate you want to act on the image (and not the shape)
  • then to change the orientation

I hope you will enjoy playing with the shapes !! 

Do you know about DCS site ? You will find great free templates, even for Studio Scrap software

you will find my repertory here 

They have two sites :

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