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Hello Marjolijn
I' m happy to read from you again :)
1) to rebuild a square page, the easiest way is :
  • open a new square page (30 x 30)
  • clic on + (on the left side of your screen), + insert a composition or an album (or something like that)

this is the image you sent  ( I added the red circle around the "plus")



sorry, I missed one step (or more)

apparently, you already included my templates in one folder (thanks again for the interest shown)

so, now :

  • save the new "scalb" file in the folder (with other "scalb files")
  • create a new page, format 30 x 30
  • clic on the "plus" icon



then,  click on something wich means "insert a new composition"

 in french, we have 3 choices : 

  • ajouter une page (add a page)
  • inserer une composition ou un album (insert a composition or an album)
  • dupliquer la page (duplicate the page)


choose the second option and clic

the software will propose you to add a recent creation (composition), according to your personnal files

change the "search range " to reach  the correct folder


choose the template you want, and "valid" the choice - it will come on the second page of your new composition, in a 30 x 30 format



you can now clic on one frame, then "ctrl + a" to select all of them



choosing the right place, you can change the size of all the frames on the page


I hope this will help you ! Enjoy it :)

2) for the paper, its-from Pixabay, but it seems I made a mistake when "naming" it, I believed it was originally from Crhisfielder (modified in white) but I cant find it anymore, you will find interesting paper  here :

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