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Publié le 23 Juillet 2021



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september 2023

As I looked for them for a good friend, these are a few links to download some free OR easy to use softwares


january 2023

I cannot translate everything I wrote about Affinity, but you will easily find information in English.. For instance :  


However, I listed my favorite ones here (one click on the filter will show you its works) - and you can see most of them 


There was one thing I had difficulties to find information about : 

How to add a "faves" files on G'MIC for Affinity


As my English is not as fluent as it used to be, you may understand me better by going to the french version and ask Google to translate it. Nonetheless, I'll try to give you some indications here.

The 584 G'MIC filters are just like Ali Baba's cave, and it will save  me some time if I can get direct access to my favorite ones. I went through big hesitations, when 

I met some difficulties to add this file on my Affinity program, though it’s very simple when you know the goog  checkboxes.

Just open Affinity, and the G'Mic modules, and check these arrows are "clickable"






on mine, they were not


but, choosing any filter available, they did appear in clear

So  I went back to my selection  :  "G'MIC - mes préférées"  and chose the first one

right clic on the filter - add to your faves


so I added all my favorite filters to the adequate file, and added a color mark corresponding to the desired effect

 of course,  my favorite list is  totally subjective, as well as the sorting by effect ! 

I need also some more time to do the same thing among the "testing group"- even if already selected some of them



this printscreen might be easier to look at ?


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